Half of first-time buyers need Bank of Mum and Dad

New research has shown that almost 50% of First-Time Buyers (FTBs) report not being able to afford a home without help from their parents.  Most FTBs, 92%, said they would happily accept such help, with those aged 18-24 most likely to; and those aged 35-44 most likely to, only if done in secret or via an inheritance….

How much of my pension should I drawdown each year

Almost half of those accessing a pension are taking 8% or more each year, sparking fears that they could run out of funds.  The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) said a withdrawal rate of 8% or more was the most popular rate between April 2020 and March 2021, with this amount being taken from 161,755 pension pots equating to 45% of regular withdrawals……