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About Us – Iceni Financial Advisers.  We advise on pensions, investments, mortgages, insurance, personal taxation, and loans for businesses. Firstly, we talk to you about your needs.   gaining insights and most importantly, understanding your objectives. These steps are crucial to developing a strategy matching your aspirations.

So what do we mean by “Independent”? Independent means we are not tied to a single company or particular product.  So our advice is always impartial.  Our aim is to find the best solution to meet your needs.  We offer products from the whole of the market.  We work for you.  By designing our own model portfolios for investors and ensuring we review them regularly, we ensure you receive the most suitable place for your money.

Together we create your unique Financial Plan.  Furthermore, this reflects what is truly important. This is our mutual guide upon which all future financial decisions are based.

Also we help you achieve deeply held goals.  Thus achieving peace of mind.  Certainly, you receive professional advice about where your financial arrangements are already good, and where they could improve. Moreover, a sense of emotional well-being is enhanced with financial planning rooted in understanding your values and life principles.  So we start with this end in mind.

Furthermore, we have a transparent and fair charging system for the advice we give.  Your first meeting with us is entirely free.  Accordingly, there is no obligation to take things further should you change your mind.  Certainly, we agree with you, in advance, how much you will pay.  Noticeably for the research we undertake on your behalf, for any investment you make, and for our ongoing advice.  Also we believe you will find us professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and friendly.

At Iceni Financial Advisers, our emphasis is on building strong, long-lasting personal relationships.  Besides, we pride ourselves on giving a fresh perspective to you and your financial affairs.  We have a wealth of experience and market knowledge to make the most of your finances.  Finally, you are assured your financial affairs are handled efficiently, responsibly and ethically. 

You can contact us over the phone, by zoom, skype or face-time, should you prefer.

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