Act now to save on your Mortgage rate

Although there is a majority of homeowners that have taken advantage of record low mortgage rates in recent years to fix the interest rate they pay on their home loan, many have not.  Also many others will be on a fixed deal that is about to come to an end. 

For those still on a standard variable rate, which typically is anything between 3.5% and 5% plus; it now makes sense, if you can, to move to a fixed rate before there is an ‘expected hike’ in the base rate which is predicted before the end of 2021.  For those on a mortgage deal that has less than three to six months to run, it maybe possible that a fixed loan can be secured now that will ‘go live’; once your current arrangement ends.  To consider your options; speak to our Mortgage Adviser, Heidi today by contacting her on 07814 744879 or by emailing her directly on


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