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Free Initial Consultation.  Firstly, do you know when you can retire and how much you will need?  Do you understand your pension options? Do you have lots of pension pots and are not sure whether to transfer them?  Also, do you know where to invest?  So, if you need answers to these questions or others, we can help you. 

Your first meeting with us won’t cost you a penny.  Basically, we can meet you at your convenience, in person, or by video call.  Should you visit our office, we will even ‘put the kettle on’.  This meeting enables us to find out more about you, your situation, and your financial goals; and for us to advise you on how best we can help you to get there.

Also, you can rest assured that no chargeable work will be undertaken without your agreement.  Accordingly, we shall explain what we will do and the costs involved to enable you to decide how you would like us to work together.

Iceni Financial Advisers is an award-winning, trusted and truly independent Financial Advisers.  Call us today on 01603 957599 to book your Free Initial Consultation and see how best we can help you.