How can you improve your financial plan? It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  1.  Reduce Charges

It pays to shop around, just like your do for home insurance, mobile phones and fuel; but most people forget to do the same for their pensions investments and life insurance.  We are independent financial advisers, so can source the best deals from the market.

We have saved our clients continually paying expensive charges and in some cases saved them from paying fees that they were completely unaware of, or even for a service they no longer receive.

Providers are becoming more efficient and competitive with their fee structures.  In many cases our clients move to more suitable solutions to better meet their needs, with the bonus of reducing their overall costs at the same time.

2.  Pay Less Tax

Every year the rules regarding tax allowances change or reset, so you can be forgiven for not being up to date with them (that’s what we do!).  We have found many clients have missed out on tax-free allowances meaning they paid more tax than needed.

Keeping up to date with ever changing tax allowances is part of our ongoing commitment to our clients.  This ensures that you are tax efficient, putting more money in your pot and paying less to the taxman!

3.  Finding Lost Pensions

It’s normal these days for people to move jobs or careers frequently.  Many of the people we speak to have understandably lost track of some of the pension schemes they had in place from previous employers.  These pension pots end up forgotten about, unloved and often can be poorly managed.

We can help track these down, review your plans and consolidate them if it is in your interests to do so.  Reviewing your retirement plan will ensure all matters are in order and can help you be in a better position when you finish working.

An initial chat is without cost to you or obligation.  Call Adrian Nunn on 07737 521263 to benefit from over 25 years of advisory experience.  I am independent, authorised and highly recommended.