If you have more than one pension pot, should you bring them together?

This is a good question and if you have built up several different pension pots over the course of your working life, then it could be worth bringing them all together in one place.

Let’s look closely at the possible Advantages and Disadvantages.

Possible Advantages:

  • It’s much easier to track your pension savings when they are all together in one place.
  • You may also be able to increase both your access to your pension and maximise your retirement income. 
  • You can pay less in charges if you transfer to a ‘new pension pot’ that has more beneficial rates.
  • There could be tax relief benefits.

Possible Disadvantages:

  • Some pension schemes have exit penalties so you would need to investigate this.
  • Some pensions may also have additional features and benefits that you could lose by transferring.
  • Occasionally there may be tax advantages for keeping your individual pension pots.

For more information and help as to whether this would be of benefit to you, please call us for a FREE pension advice consultation.  Your independent financial advisers in Norwich.

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