In the present economic climate, you could be losing out by keeping your money in a savings account because inflation can erode the value of your returns.  This means that you could be losing money in real terms.  There are many ways that you can save or invest.  We all want our money to grow so it’s important to think about the level of risk you might be willing to take with your hard-earned cash.  It’s about achieving a good balance.

Investing in the markets could enable you to achieve an inflation-beating return and help you reach your long-term financial goals.  But it’s important to understand that all investments carry a certain level of risk.  By diversifying your range of investment you can reduce any potential losses.

At Iceni Financial Advisers, we understand how important it is to make the most of your money.  We look to match your level of investment with your individual risk requirements to help you achieve the financial future you want.  Before making recommendations, we take the time to assess your needs through a process of understanding and analysing your existing savings and investment objectives.

We can customise a portfolio of funds across different asset classes to suit your personal profile.  It’s often a good idea to invest in different types of assets to help balance the risk, so if one doesn’t perform well, another may do better.

Please bear in mind all investments carry a certain level of risk. Your investment can fall in value and you may not recover the amount of your original investment.  A risk tolerance assessment will be carried out during the consultation.

Speaking to a financial adviser could help if you’re not sure about what type of investment would suit you best.  To arrange your free initial consultation call us today on 01603-957599.