Should I consolidate my pension pots?

Does the idea of having all your finances consolidated into one place sound appealing? If the answer is yes, it may be time to speak to one of our Independent Financial Advisers to find out how we can help. 


  • Easier to manage and keep track of.
  • Easier to control risk.
  • There is potential discounts for larger pots of money.
  • You could save money if you can transfer from a higher charging scheme to a lower cost one.
  • Having all your money in one place can make it easier to control the asset allocation and diversification of funds.

Things to watch out for:

  • Some pension scheme may have exit penalty fee.
  • Some schemes may have protection or guarantees in place.

Unsure if you should consolidate your pension pots or transfer your pension pot from one scheme to another?  Come to talk to one of our qualified independent financial adviser.  Our financial adviser will take the time to understand your circumstances and objectives before offering their proposal. 

We do not charge for the first consultation and there is no obligation!

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