Re-Mortgage your home.  What is a re-mortgage?

A re-mortgage is when you switch from your current mortgage to another provider.  This does not involve moving home.  But it does mean replacing your financial agreement with another.  Basically re-mortgaging usually takes place to get a better rate or unlock extra funds.  When you sign a mortgage agreement you are not locked into the same rate for the entire time.  Although there may be an initial tie-in where penalties exist for switching.  So if your agreement is no longer providing the best value or you are within 6 months of the end date of your current arrangement, you can switch to a completely new mortgage.

As mortgage rates change regularly, it is a good idea to review your rate at least once a year.  Certainly to check whether you should re-mortgage.

As Independent Mortgage Advisers we have access to a range of mortgages.  Firstly those that are not available on comparison sites and those offered by restricted mortgage advisers.  We consider products from all firms across the market and provide unbiased and unrestricted advice.  As such, we will also double-check and advise the costs and benefits of switching.  We will come up with the best money-saving, goal-achieving deal for you. Accordingly, our goal is to help you with every step of the application process through to completion.

We have a duty of care and believe in helping our clients’ long-term.

Re-Mortgage your home.  Contact us today or call us on 01603-957599 to find out how we can help you with your re-mortgage.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.