In the present economic climate, with interest rate at historical lows, you could be losing out by keeping your money in a savings account because inflation can erode the value of your returns, meaning you could lose money in real terms.

Investing in the markets could enable you to achieve an inflation-beating return and help you reach your long term financial goals. But it’s important to understand that all investments carry a certain level of risk. Diversifying your investments, can reduce any potential losses.

At Iceni Financial Advisers, we understand how important it is to make the most of your money in a way which is matched to your individual risk requirements and objectives. We are here to help you achieve the financial future you want. We take time at the beginning assessing our client’s needs through a process of understanding and analysing their existing savings and investments objectives before making recommendations. We can customise a portfolio of funds across different asset classes to suit your personal profile. If it is property or gilts, shares or commodities we can help. This is what we have been doing for years.

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Planning for retirement is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. We all hope for a comfortable and financially secure retirement. It may seem fair to expect a financially sound retirement following a successful career, but the truth is that without good financial planning, hard work alone does not bring a secure future.
Pensions are a great way of saving for your old age. It is the primary methods by which many people support themselves in later years and to a large extent determine the quality of life they will have in retirement. It should therefore not be overlooked.

There are different options to suit different individuals depending on their own circumstances. Understanding your options gives you the confidence to make informed decisions.

The number of options and pension schemes available to you can be overwhelming. At Iceni Financial Advisers, we can help you through the maze of information and make bespoke recommendation suitable for your circumstances.


Understanding personal taxation can be complicated to many of us but it does not have to be. Effective tax management is important to achieving your financial goals and effective tax planning is an important part of personal wealth management.At Iceni Financial Advisers, we can help you to use existing tax laws to your advantage and can often substantially reduce the tax you pay preserving your wealth both for you and your family.
Income Tax – Income tax is a tax on income including: earnings from employment, earnings from being self-employed, pensions income, interest on savings, income from shares (dividends), rental income, income from a trust.
Capital Gains Tax – Capital gains tax is the tax you pay on the profit or gains earned from the sale of a property. These may include buy-to-let properties, land and inherited properties.
Inheritance Tax – Inheritance tax is tax on assets upon the death of an individual. The current threshold for Inheritance Tax is £325,000. Amount over this threshold may be subjected to Inheritance Tax however; there are ways around this.
Corporation Tax – Corporation Tax is the tax you pay on the profits earned from the running of your business.
Resident and Domicile Tax – There is no simple or straight forward explanation on resident and domicile tax. Generally speaking, folks who are resident and domiciled in the UK will pay tax in the UK on their worldwide income and gains. Folks who are not resident in the UK are only subject to UK tax on certain UK income and gains. Folks who are resident in the UK but domiciled elsewhere are subject to UK tax on their UK income and UK gains.
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